Monday, November 3, 2008

Should Jennifer Hudson Have Moved Her Family?

Should Jennifer Hudson Have Moved Her Family?

The Hudson family murders have been all over the news since Friday, and much of the web chatter has centered around one question: Should Jennifer Hudson have moved her mom out of such a bad neighborhood?

To date, there have been close to 430 killings in Chicago in 2008 and the city may well exceed 500 murders by year's end, according to Essence. In 1998, Chicago was dubbed the "murder capital of the country" and made international headlines after surpassing New York for the first time ever.
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Should Jennifer have moved her family out? There seems to be two schools of thought here:

Yes, Jennifer should have moved her mom to a nicer neighborhood. Once you win an Oscar and hit the bigtime, it's your responsibility as a daughter to move your family to somewhere safe and out of the ghetto.

No, Jennifer should not have moved her mom out, especially since it's been reported that her mother didn't want to move away from her church and her friends. You can't force an adult to move anywhere they don't want to go! (Plus, this was a domestic violence case, anyway, and therefore could have happened anywhere.)

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